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Benefits & Reviews

November 2007

If you haven't checked out our reviews page, please do so. People are starting to say exciting things about our cd, Apart From The Rest. We have been reviewed thus far by two very prestigious entities: Sea of Tranquility, the web portal for information, news, and reviews related to the worlds of progressive rock, various forms of metal, and fusion music and Progression Magazine, a quarterly journal of progressive music.

And on November 11, esthema performed as part of the 12th Boston Turkish Festival at MIT's Kresge Auditorium. The concert was a benefit for the Manavoglu Family who lost their father and husband to an armed robber.

For those that couldn't make it to the show, we have posted some pictures below.






Some might be asking themselves who is the new guy in the pictures.

Meet Ignacio Long.

Check him out on musicians page. He is esthema's new bass player and we welcome him and hope you do also. Ignacio, born in Argentina, is a Berklee graduate in Film Score and Composition. We have been working with him over the last few months and are very excited at what we are hearing.

One last note...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


September in NYC

September 2007

September was an exciting month for Esthema. First, we got to welcome Carl back who was home in Colorado for the summer. Second, we had our first gig at Mickey Bliss's new Club Bohemia downstairs at The Cantab in Central Square, Cambridge (check out the you tube link below of consequence for live footage from the Cantab).

And finally, Esthema made their first trip to NYC to perform in the Lower East Side at the Fat Baby. You can check out excerpts from the performance posted by Tery on youtube. Check back soon for some pictures.




Summer's End

The summer of 2007 has come to an end, but before we say goodbye to it forever, esthema wants to thank Rob Doherty for his help this summer on the drums while Carl was back at home in Colorado. Great drummer, great person...I also want to thank all esthemians for making it out to one of our many gigs...we had a great time and hope you did also.

If you get a chance, check out youtube for some video clips posted by Tery. This first is from our gig at the All Asia performing distance and the second is from our gig at the Cantab performing consequence.

Ryles in August

August 2007

In addition to having the pleasure of playing at the Gulu-Gulu Café in Lynn, MA and at the Brookline Tai Chi in Brookline, MA, esthema had their first go at Ryles in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. We would like to thank Anita Coelho of Medici Musica for giving us the opportunity to perform at Ryles. Check out some pictures below, courtesy of Erin Beasley:

Outdoors in July

July 2007

Over the last few weeks, esthema has had a chance to work on our tans at some outdoor events. First we were at the Somerville Growing Center in Somerville, MA for a Benefit Concert to help promote the Center’s continued educational programs.







Look at the smiles...summer fun!!!

Then the weekend of the 20th we were in the Cape, Centerville to be exact at the annual Greek Festival.













Things have been progressing nicely for esthema. With the release of the CD, APART FROM THE REST we have sent it out for reviews and if you check out our shows page, you’ll see that we have booked our first gig in NY.

We will write again soon…PEACE.


July 2007

APART FROM THE REST is now available for purchase at all of our gigs and on CDBaby.

Taking it Easy

June 2007

In June, esthema took it easy. We only had one gig booked at the Sky Bar in Somerville, MA. I have included some pictures courtesy of Erin Beasley.



The real work in June was done by our Art Director & Graphic/Web Designer Rebecca Fagan of fagandesign. She finished the CD artwork and prepared it for duplication.

Esthema sincerely thanks Rebecca for her artistic vision and work. The CD release is slotted for early July…

Mastering & More

May 2007

May was a crazy month for Esthema.

With four gigs taking us on a week long whirlwind tour of Somerville and Cambridge, we got to work on our live show and had a great time doing so. Check out some of the pictures we got at our All Asia show on May 7.

We have also included some live shots on our photos page.

In addition to our gigs, we finished mastering our first cd, apart from the rest at Squam Sound in Ashland, New Hampshire. Esthema would like to sincerely thank Randy Roos, for all his work and input in recording, mixing, and mastering. To listen to clips of the mastered tunes, visit our music page. For the full version of some of the tunes, go to http://www.myspace.com/esthemamusic.

Month End

April 2007

April 2007 was big month for Esthema. We played our first gig, which went much better than we had anticipated. We’d like to thank everyone for packing the Kirkland Cafe in Somerville. Take a look at a few of the pictures below.

Your support was and is very much appreciated!!!

We also started and finished mixing what will be our first cd, apart from the rest. You can listen to a couple of more of the tunes on our music page and at www.myspace.com/esthemamusic. The goal is to have the cd mastered, pressed, and packaged by the end of May and make it available for purchase through CDBaby and iTunes. We’ll keep you posted.

Finally, Esthema has added gigs and will continue to do so to their schedule. Please visit www.myspace.com/esthemamusic or our shows page for the most up-to-date calendar. We sincerely hope to see you there.

See you soon…thank much!!!!

Music and More

april 2007

After a couple of more visits to Squam Sound, mixing has begun. On March 31 we finished the mixing on three tunes (consequence, for whom? for me…, and distance). You can experience excerpts of Esthema in the studio by visiting our music page or listen to the pieces in their entirety at www.myspace.com/esthemamusic. Our full-length cd, apart from the rest featuring six songs will be available sometime in late May, once mixing and mastering has been completed. The song list for the cd will be…

01 consequence
02 for whom? for me…
03 distance
04 erimos
05 finding my way
06 apart from the rest

Esthema has also booked their first gigs. Please visit our shows page for when and where you can see Esthema live.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the music. Thanks!!!

In The Studio

February 2007

On Saturday, February 24 we made our way up to Squam Sound Studio in Ashland, New Hampshire to start work on our demo and what will hopefully amount to our first CD. We worked on six tunes all together, consequence, distance, erimos, for whom? for me, finding my way, and apart from the rest. While there, we took some picture to share the experience with everybody. Keep a look out for more news about the CD (and other things)…sound clips will be coming soon. Thanks.

For more pictures of our experience in the studio, go to our photo gallery.