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2012 news

Esthema Live @ the Armory

December 2012

Coming to the Armory in Somerville, MA!

Complete details can be found here.

Esthema Live @ the Davis Square Theatre

November 2012

With our name in lights :)

Esthema Live @ the Middle East

October 2012

Long Goodbye Sessions

Summer 2012

The summer of 2012 will go down in Esthema's history as the Long Goodbye sessions.

We spent a great deal of the summer working through compositions and arrangements for our third CD, Long Goodbye which we are planning on releasing sometime in the first half of 2013. Some of the compositions we worked on are Three Sides To Every Story (Parts I, II, and III), Without A Moment's Notice, and Long Goodbye.

If there was one underlying theme for the whole CD it would be the dynamic of relationships, with others and one's self. With Three Sides To Every Story (Parts I, II, and III) we tell the story (instrumentally of course) of how although each individual within the dynamic of a relationship may always have their side or truth, there is always a middle ground. Without A Moment's Notice captures the feeling of that moment where everything changes forever. And the title track Long Goodbye is about one's journey to their final moment. The themes for this CD are extremely personal and we look forward to sharing a little bit of ourselves by telling the stories.

"LIKE" Esthema @ Seeds The Hyptree Blog

March 2012

"So what is this all about you ask. I have seen it all over your facebook page too" Asks a devoted Esthema fan somewhere in the Boston area enjoying a beautiful spring day.

We're glad you asked :)

Well, Esthema submitted our epk (Electronic press kit) to hypetree.com (independent music discovery & promotion engine) for consideration for a write-up and we were chosen and the blog was written:

"Serious talent alert – as soon as you hear any recording by esthema (don’t you dare capitalize that “e”), you’ll recognize the polish, superb training, and skill that keeps this group tight. Aside from being an extremely effective advertisement for how good Berklee College of Music can make you at World Fusion, the group has some impressive cred: inclusion in the weekly Top 20 at Latch Fusion Radio, Top 25 of 2011 Award at Indie-Music.com, and numerous awards for having 2011′s most difficult band name to properly pronounce or spell from memory.

I’ll be the first to admit that World Fusion sometimes has a tendency to drag on, but esthema keeps it snappy with a tight rhythm section under flowing lead lines and expert comps. The sign of any great jazz group is its ability to come together – anyone can sit in a circle and jam, but these guys really play off each other in a captivating way.

It’s hard to explain, but they seem to sound both very loose and very in control at the same time. They’ll be soloing, letting the chords simmer, and then all of a sudden join each other in the exact same line. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen – it’s always nice to hear an honest bunch of guys who are really, really way too good at their instruments."

How cool is that!

And now we need everyone to "LIKE" the blog (and leave comments if you are so compelled). By LIKEing the blog you help Esthema climb the new music charts which ultimately gives us lots of visibility.

So please go here (actual link is http://seeds.hypetree.com/2012/03/new-music-esthema/) and click "LIKE" right below the write-up.

Esthema on SoundCloud - FREE DOWNLOADS

March 2012

As promised last month, the audio from Esthema live @ the Applestore is available for free download right here.

For those wondering where here is, Esthema can now be found on SoundCloud.

Join us at soundcloud.com/esthema and download six tracks from our February 10, 2012 show. Hope you enjoy!

Esthema LIVE at the Apple Store

February 2012

As many of you are aware, in February Esthema was chosen to perform at the Apple Store on Boylston Street in Boston, MA (Thank you to all who could come out!). The show was a combination of performance and disucssion as to how Esthema uses Apple products to create/produce our sound and look. Not only was this an amazing show but we got some amazing pictures thanks to Rebecca Fagan...

(Hey, where's George?

Unfortunately Mr. Lernis was unable to make this show due to a tour with Mario Frangoulis. How cool is that! Congrats George!)

..and amazing audio courtesy of the Apple Store.

More pictures will be available right here in the near future, but for now make sure to visit us on Facebook for some really cool shots. And coming real soon, we will be releasing the audio for all those that couldn't make it out to the show.

A huge thanks to everyone that came out to the show and to Alex, Seth and all the people over at the Apple Store for everything they did, their positive energy, and kind words which made it an absolutely magical night for us.